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Sign Phrases


Already picked out your favorite herd? Choose a sign phrase from below or make up your own!



[AGE] is fine when you look 29! Happy [AGE] [NAME]

Isn't it fine, [NAME] is no longer 29!

A Little Birdie told me [NAME] is [AGE]!

[NAME] joined the flock! Happy [AGE]

[NAME'S] still flying high at [AGE]! Happy Birthday

Many years have come and gone, look what's landed on your lawn!

Just flew in to say happy birthday!

The gang's all here for your [AGE] birthday!

So many candles, so little cake! 

[AGE], I demand a recount!

Oh no! [NAME] hit the big [AGE]

Lordy, Lordy [NAME] is [40]

Nifty, Nifty, look who's [50]

Doesn't it hurt, you're older than dirt. Happy [AGE] [NAME]

Honk as you go past, [NAME] is [AGE] at last!

Truth be told, [NAME] is old!

Senior discount on the way, [NAME] is [AGE] today!

From princess to queen, now she's [18]! Happy Birthday

Drivers beware, handle with care, [NAME]'s [16] and driving everywhere!

Sent straight from Heaven, now she's [11]!

Candles, candles one by one [NAME] is turning [21]

Now its time to have some fun, [NAME] is now [1]

Holy cow, our little stinker is [AGE] now!

Our number one is [21]

[21] and full of fun!

[24] and ready for more!

Good Lord the damage is done, [NAME] just turned [21]!

[65] and still alive!

Still looking great at [38]!

Isn't it great to be [38]

Here lies your youth! Happy [AGE]

It's better to be over the hill than under it!

Here lies the years gone by, so live it up before you die!

Hi ho, hi ho, over the hill you go!

Holy cow [NAME] is [AGE] now!

Mooos Flash! It's [NAME]'s birthday!

[NAME]'s an udder year older!

[NAME] you don't look calf your age!

Party til the cows come home!

Don't udder a word, [NAME] joined the herd!

Getting old stinks! Happy [AGE] [NAME]

Eat, drink, and be Irish! Happy [AGE] [NAME]

Moo over [AGE] here comes [AGE]


Other occasions

Mom and dad, a genuine antique couple!

Feathers flew when I met you!


The tassle is worth the hassle! 

Congratulations [NAME], class of [YEAR]

1-2-3-4 [NAME] is out the door! Happy Retirement!

Hi ho hi ho out the door he goes! Happy Retirement [NAME]

He asked, she said yes! Congratulations [NAME] & [NAME]

Happy Anniversary [NAME] & [NAME]!

Welcome home [NAME]!


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